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Environmental Management Policies

Since acquiring ISO 14001 certification, an international environmental management certification, in 1998, HANYANG ENG has strengthened its environmental department and systemically established the foothold for the environmental management. The company now strives to minimize the generation of pollutants in all processes, from the input of raw materials to production.

Policy 01

HANYANG ENG shall thoroughly comply with the environment-related laws and take preemptive measures against strengthened or newly established environmental restrictions.

Policy 04

HANYANG ENG shall efficiently reuse the byproducts generated from the production activities to prevent secondary pollution.

Policy 02

HANYANG ENG shall recognize the environment as the element with the utmost priority in its management strategy and shall promote the improvement of competitiveness by harmonizing it with other management elements.

Policy 05

HANYANG ENG shall actively participate in the community environment improvement and environment preservation activities with the stakeholders, including local residents.

Policy 03

HANYANG ENG shall continuously promote the environmental pollution prevention and environment improvement activities.

Ethical Management Principles

As a part of the sustainable management, HANYANG ENG has been putting efforts to establish the ethical management of the company and the ethical awareness of its executives and employees.

Based on the principles on the righteous management, fair competition, and sustainable management, and through the respect for the business partners and clients, HANYANG ENG proclaims its practical will to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.

Implementation of ethics education program

HANYANG ENG has prepared and been implementing a company-wide ethics education program. The education program applies right after new/experienced employees enter the company in order to enhance their ethical awareness as a member of HANYANG ENG, and through the education conducted by each BU, the company supports the proliferation of ethical practices by the executives and employees.

Partnership for mutual growth

Hanyang Engineering promotes the partnerships for mutual growth. Through its mutual cooperation enhancement program, the company is expanding the foundation for mutual expansion into new overseas markets, partners to establish a network for monitoring the strategies of its business partners.

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