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For 40 years we have
steadfastly walked this path,
and we pledge to become 
a century-strong company.

HanyangENG's services are essential to the semiconductor industry because semiconductor manufacturing plants are incredibly complex and require a high degree of precision and cleanliness.

HanyangENG's engineers have the expertise and experience to design and build semiconductor plants that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


Contributing to
Korea's Aerospace Industry

HanyangENG has a long history of success in the semiconductor and power generation industries, and it is now leveraging its expertise to provide engineering services to aerospace companies.

Specifically, HanyangENG participated in the development of Nuri (Korea Space Launch Vehicle-2), a three-stage launch vehicle that is capable of placing payloads into low Earth orbit, which had a successful launch on May 26, 2023. 

Korea's Construction Capability Evaluation

The construction capability evaluation is a key part of the Korean government's efforts to ensure the quality and safety of public construction projects. Established by the Ministry of Land, this system comprehensively evaluates construction companies by considering factors such as ① the annual average value of their projects of over the past three years, ② their management and financial status, ③ their technological capability, and ④ their reliability. HanyangENG's strong performance in the evaluation shows out commitment to quality and safety in construction. 

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