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Main Process Piping

  Gas & PCW

▶ Gas & PCW 

▶ Utility & Process Piping

Modular Method

  Gas & PCW

▶ Production

▶ Assembly

▶ Transport

▶ Installation

Tool Hook-up

  Gas & PCW

▶ Gas(Bulk & Special)

▶ UPW & Drain

▶ Chemical

▶ Vacuum

▶ Exhaust


Specializing in mechanical equipment construction, Hi-TECH BU conducts utility line constructions for global semiconductor and display manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing UHP piping, mechanical equipment construction, cleanrooms, HVAC systems, and utility infrastructure. As we pave the way for high-tech production facilities, crucial to the 4th industrial revolution, HANYANG ENG remains dedicated to delivering value through our unique engineering and construction capabilities, industry knowledge, and organizational strength.

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