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"Safety = Corporal Continuation"​

HanyangENG regards safety as

the foundation of all of its business activities. ​

Safety and Health Policies

Policy 01

HANYANG ENG shall express its strong will that safety is essential for the survival of the company and take the initiatives to put it into practice.

Policy 04

HANYANG ENG shall identify the risk factors before work and implement improvements for the identified factors.

Policy 02

HANYANG ENG shall create a safe and pleasant work environment and actively strive to enhance the health of its workers.

Policy 05

HANYANG ENG shall review and continuously improve the suitability, reasonableness, and effectiveness of the occupational safety and health management system.

Policy 03

HANYANG ENG shall strictly comply with laws and all regulations related to safety and health to strengthen its occupational safety and health capacity.

Policy 06

HANYANG ENG shall prioritize guaranteeing the participation and consultation of workers in safety and health activities at all stages of work.

Our Pursuit for Zero Hazard


Since 2017, HANYANG ENG has been operating the Cooperation and Coexistence program run by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency to actively support the safety and health activities conducted by its partners.

Mutual Cooperation

All executives and employees of HANYANG ENG periodically prepare the near-miss reports to improve their safety awareness and establish a Safety First culture. Moreover, the company operates a credit system for safety education to encourage all executives and employees to complete safety education periodically.

Near-miss Report

HANYANG ENG  has established the safety and hygiene plans that correspond to the policies and standards of OSHA, continuously evaluated the results during the implementations of the plans, and put its best efforts to manage a reasonable and efficient safety and health management system.

HANYANG ENG does its best to comply with the safety and health-related laws of the countries where the site is located and to satisfy the requirements of the clients and the local residents. In order to achieve this, HANYANG ENG periodically educates its staff to furnish and prepare the registers related to the safety, health, and environmental laws.


HANYANG ENG prevents and manages problems through its establishment of efficient safety, health and environment management systems and periodic site inspections. In addition, HANYANG ENG collects and reviews the toxic materials used in all sites and monitors their usage at site by managing the material safety data sheet to prevent accidents in advance.

Safety, Health, Environment

HANYANG ENG classifies, identifies, and evaluates the risk factors in all processes, including engineering, procurement of equipment, and site construction, and selects the management plans to minimize the risks.

Risk Evaluation

HANYANG ENG monitors the site safety, health and environment management in all sites each month and implements monthly themed inspection to allow the managers from the site and head office to cross check and prevent all high-risk works in all stages of construction that becomes the hazard factor for the safe environment.


8 Safety Rules


Work after

the work letter is approved


Wear PPE

suitable for the work


Do not

expose toxic and dangerious materials


Do not

enter work sites



gas concentration before working in a closed space


Wear safety belts when working at heights


Do not

arbitrarily operate the facilities and safety equipment


Smoke only in designated places

Master the Basic

Be aware of your surroundings.

Correctly recognize and remove the dangers existing in your surroundings.

Know your physical limitations.

Know the limits of your physique and ability and do not perform any posture or movements that puts excessive stress to your body.

Use the proper PPE.

Correctly recognize and remove the dangers existing in your surroundings.

Follow our procedure.

Correctly understand and thoroughly comply with the procedures and work instructions.

Think, Think, Think, before you act.

Always think about possible risks before acting

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